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Pastor Clark & Christi Baisden
Senior Pastors
Pastor Clark Baisden has been the Senior Pastor  of Difference Makers  Church since 2003. He  faithfully and passionately served as Youth  Pastor for 10 years under Pastor Jerry Beall  before then.  

 As one of the most dynamic church leaders of  the 21st century, Pastor  Clark's innovative  preaching style attracts a diverse following.  The  Difference Makers Congregation includes almost every demographic in  this metropolitan region.  The broadcast services and internet media  ministry are reaching into places where the gospel is rarely preached,  hospitals, prisons, living rooms of many who would say they had no interest in going to church.  Difference Makers has won the prestigious Lighthouse Award five of the last seven year -- this is an award from the Wesleyan Church recognizing successful efforts and significant accomplishments in the building of the kingdom of God.  

Pastor Clark is the lead pastor heading up a team of awesome, good looking, passionate leaders who love Jesus and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Pastor Clark is a family man. His gorgeous wife is his constant obsession, which is fine because she keeps chasing Jesus and he keeps chasing her. His kids Caleb, Grace, Elijah, and Anna are beautiful friends of God having a profound impact on the world around them at a young age.

Many would describe Pastor Clark's ministry style as interesting and engaging. He throws himself into the things he loves and then begins to fill those environments with the intoxicating presence of God. He came to Maryland out of the hills of West Virginia where he was raised in the woods.  He's at home in the wild and enjoys athletics.   Fewer things are more fun than leading troops into the glorious thrill of victory.  He can be found coaching something all year round.  He likes good hard work, integrity in business, and ingenuity in the work place. He is a licensed arborist and has owned his own company since 2000.

He is passionate about his relationship with Jesus and seeing those around Him awaken to their call and live life fully, deeply, and richly becoming a Friend of God, an Enemy of Hell and a Lover of Souls.