Nathan's Ridge
Transitional Sober Living for Men and Women

A Ministry of Difference Maker's Church

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"Nathan's Ridge" is a Christian-based ministry program aimed at providing a safe and caring drug, alcohol, and violence-free environment. During the 6 months or more that men, over the age of 18, spend in this ministry, past behaviors and addictions are addressed and changed in order to aid in the participants becoming responsible members of society. We provide Biblically-based recovery mentoring, community/life skills training, discipleship to all participants and access to 12 step programs and counseling. Nathan's Ridge embraces the Christian faith which leads to transformed lives with meaning and purpose. We believe that given the right tools and the help of God, all men can overcome their past and be set free from their addictive behaviors and addictive lifestyles. As men embrace God, through personal relationship with Jesus Christ, all things become possible.

He frees the prisoners8 and opens the eyes of the blind; he lifts the burdens from those bent down beneath their loads. For the Lord loves good men. Psalm 146:7-8